Butterfly Wisdom

Here are a few thoughts on butterflies and what they can teach us about change. 

Change feels strange
but reveals a range
of unknown heights,
colors and sights
that glimmer and glow
if only we grow.

Butterflies remind us to trust our transformational process, especially when it feels dark and cramped. It can be painful and difficult when we outgrow a belief, relationship, job, or habit because we are moving from something we understand to the shadowy underworld of the unknown. Growth can feel like intense upheaval and things falling apart. It can feel like endlessly waiting in a tiny chrysalis. During the change of a caterpillar into a butterfly, it is extremely violent and dramatic for the caterpillar to digest itself to undergo its metamorphosis. This process may feel horrifying and confusing, but on the other side are things it doesn't even understand are possible in its current form. On the other side is flight. On the other side is unimaginable insight, expansion, and connection. This is discomfort that is worthwhile and meaningful. Growing pains, like labor pains, usher in beautiful new life. Consider this next time you feel yourself dissolve.