Sacral Chakra Art Symbols- One's own home painting by Aimee Schreiber

This 36 x 48 inch painting is is part of a seven-piece series that explores various aspects of human existence through the chakras and other mythological symbols. The original is not for sale, but I have art prints available at The Copper Wolf.

Among many other layers of ideas, this painting is a visual representation of creative and emotional sovereignty. Creating it was an exploration of what it means to be a conscious, creative being that flows with the wisdom of emotions and assumes her inner places of creative power, freedom and responsibility without deferring to an outside authority.

Set in one of the most violently beautiful places on earth, the jutting granite giants of Yosemite that formed under inexplicable energy and pressure loom in the background to demonstrate the immensity of the creative forces at play. In yoga traditions, the second chakra, or energy center located at the womb, is the center of creativity, pleasure, relationships, fertility and emotions and is called svadhisthana, which translates to mean 'one's own dwelling.' The rose, with its radial symmetry and vibrant color, is associated with the planetary transit of Venus, along with goddesses and symbols of love and sensuality. The flower is how I hope to exist, with my head, heart and depths moving as one, cohesive entity, with all my actions and offerings springing from that wholeness. I want what I do with my hands and where I go with my feet determined from an intentional, unified place that is informed by what is wild and true— to live in the state of balance and brilliance I suspect happens when one is a conduit for some deep essence. The egg speaks of rebirth, creation, and potential. If you look closely, you will see that it has a tiny crack, which is a nod to the stunning words of Leonard Cohen:

"Ring the bells that still can ring,

Forget your perfect offering,

There is a crack, a crack in everything,

That's how the light gets in."

The hummingbird hovers close to be first to see and perhaps communicate what will emerge long before daylight reveals its contents. In the shamanic medicine wheel traditions of South America, the hummingbird is associated with the North direction, the realm of myth and symbols, and the soul level of perception which sees through images, dreams, poetry and music. It is a symbol of courage, joy and divine sight. With its ability to move freely between water and land, the frog reveals how to exist in the liminal spaces between the fluid, emotional realms and the earthy material world and has been a personal guide on many meditative journeys through my inner landscape.

This work is a good example of my artistic practice, which is part attempt to heal, understand and integrate parts of myself, and part attempt to celebrate and share something I find beautiful, interesting or meaningful so others can use it as medicine or inspiration in their own journeys.

I conceptualized and painted over the first 3 weeks of April 2019. It was greatly informed by the energy of the transitional, emerging spring season with all its water, blossoms, and potential. The idea was born after learning that the planetary transit of Venus creates a rosette pattern around the earth. This made me want to express something about the archetypes of love, fertility and sensuality often associated with Venus in the form of a rose. The additional symbols began to crystallize only after I began sketching and taking and arranging photos for a reference.

Art maker
chain breaker

and building
and building
a home

both pliant and forceful
to greet the unknown

paintbrushes and blood
both cover the floor

birth from the beyond
can feel like a war

Questions asked violently
What am I for?

Or soft, like a prayer
There’s really no need

to be decimated,
a slow growing seed

Learn how to inhabit
what is already freed