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Butterfly Symbolism: Meaning, Myth, and Metamorphosis

01 June, 2021

As masters of metamorphosis, butterflies are significant symbols of transformation and rebirth. These winged creatures have long been viewed as otherworldly messengers and heralds of good fortune and joy. The Greek word for butterfly, psyche, is the same word used for soul, and this association is found across many cultures.

Framing Tutorial: 5 Ways to Make a Big Impact with Tiny Paintings

03 December, 2020

Tiny original paintings are the perfect, affordable way to collect beautiful artwork to fill your walls. It can be tempting to think your postcard-sized paintings are destined to become puny desktop jewelry at best, but I'm going to show you five ways to make small artwork shine with affordable framing solutions you can (mostly) do yourself. 

The Basis of Life

03 July, 2020

Here's an explanation of the symbols in this new 3x4 foot painting called "The Basis of Life" in light of so many who have lost their lives recently to both systemic violence and COVID-19. It is part of a seven piece series that explores aspects of human existence through the chakras.